Strategic Plans

Name Description
Strategic Plan Goal #1 (Student Achievement) Student academic excellence and achievement through quality programs and an innovative teaching and learning environment.
Goal #2 (Community) Aligned learning community connected to and engaged with the community and stakeholders.
Goal #3 (Communications) Effective internal and external communications to engage and inform the community and stakeholders.
Goal #4 (Org. Systems) Aligned and integrated effective organizational systems.
Goal #5 (Staff & Board) High performing staff, leadership, and school board governance.
Goal #6 (Fiscal Stability) Maintain fiscal stability, accountability, and alignment through effective financial practices.
Superintendent Goal #1 (Facilities) Provide oversight for the implementation of the Comprehensive Facilities Plan that addresses identified improvements and expansion of existing building assets.
Superintendent Goal #2 (Strategic Plan) The superintendent will present a report to the Board on the progress made regarding the implementation of the board adopted strategic plan. The report will include a review of the key performance indicators found in the district scorecard as well as details on plans and strategies to collect data for areas not reported.